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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 18, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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there has been this media there has been this wonderful camaraderie on the roadside, people turning up with signs and cycling with me, hundreds of people. that is throughout the world. a fond memory in mongolia of some real eccentrics, a local preacher read a prayer to me, in canada and i neverfelt alone on the road. a real sense from when i set out here 78 days ago, is this possible? the old world record was 123 days. people were saying, is it crazy? as the weeks and months have gone on, people have really started to believe in it. there is this wonderful groundswell of support and people got excited. mark beaumont mirror. theresa may has been in trade talks with the canadian prime minister and both have been speaking about the row involving boeing and
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bombardier. jobs could be under threat in northern ireland because of the dispute. the prime minister said she would press donald trump to resolve the matter. i have already raised the issue with president trump ina raised the issue with president trump in a telephone call and i will raise the issue of bombardier with them when i meet him again later this week and i will be impressing on him the significance of bombardier to the united kingdom and particularly to jobs bombardier to the united kingdom and particularly tojobs in northern ireland. let us talk to our correspondent in northern ireland, chris page who is in belfast. at least both leaders have been speaking about this, so that perhaps suggests that things might improve for the workforce there in belfast? yes, i think people here in belfast will recognise the fact that the british government and the canadian government are very much engaged in this issue. you heard the prime minister there are saying that she intends to speak to president trump again about this issue this week,
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she has already spoken to him on the telephone. bombardier is a hugely important company for the northern ireland economy, it employs several thousand people across four sites across northern ireland and the biggest of those site is in east belfast and it is there that the wings are made for the bombardier c series passenger jet and wings are made for the bombardier c series passengerjet and it is at the centre of the dispute. boeing claims that bombardier is able to sell these claims for below the cost price because they are getting financial assistance for the british and canadian governments, but bombardier say that those allegations are absurd. the case has gone to the trade authorities in the us, presently officials at the us department of commerce are looking at this and they will issue a ruling, our preliminary ruling before the end of the month and now people here will very much be looking ahead to that. the canadian prime minister in that news conference stronger rhetorically than theresa may, here is the possibility of canada cancelling
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orders with boeing for a new fighter jets. he said we will not do business with a company that is suing us. strong fighting talk from justin trudeau, theresa may making it clear that protecting jobs here in belfast is a priority for her and the business secretary has been having talks with the boeing chief executive and the issue will be raised again with the white house this week. still concern here in belfast among trade unionists and workers at bombardier itself and among politicians and other leaders here. chris, thank you. more now on the news that ryanair says it is preparing to receive compensation claims were a total of £18 million following its decision to cancel up to 50 flights a day until the end of the cover. the chief executive michael o'leary denies the company is short of pilots but he did admit to in his words messing up the planning of their holidays and said they had little choice but to make they had little choice but to make the decision to cancel all those
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flights. joining me now is rory boland who is the travel editor with which. how would you rate how ryanair have which. how would you rate how rya nair have handled which. how would you rate how ryanair have handled this? pretty badly. it feels almost like they woke up at the weekend and had a look at the holiday schedules of their pilots and there was a bit of a hoops moment, we will have to cancel thousands of flights, which is from a company the size of ryanair is is from a company the size of rya nair is unacceptable. is from a company the size of ryanair is unacceptable. to be clear, if they did not give out the holiday, they would have to pay the pilots? it is difficult to know what has gone on. we know that thousands and thousands of people's holidays are going to be ruined over the next couple of weeks. how difficult is going to be to get compensation for this? ryanair say going to be to get compensation for this? rya nair say there going to be to get compensation for this? ryanair say there is no other option, they have to cancel flights, that means hopefully compensation, shouldn't it? to an extent. if your
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flight shouldn't it? to an extent. if your flight is cancelled within the next 14 flight is cancelled within the next 1a days and they have not given you a great deal of notice, you're absolutely going to be due compensation, whether you take an alternative flight with them or you just say, no thanks, i don't want the flight, you can get a refund and 250—year—old compensation but for those people who are travelling beyond those two weeks, they said the compensation would stretch for six weeks and they are due to publish those cancellations this evening, those people will only get a refund from their flight cost and that will leave people hugely out of pocket which is really unfair. for a lot of people this will turn into a real nightmare. there is no other way around it. no other way around it according to ryanair. what do you think they should do? i think they should be a little bit more upfront, they should have done it at the start. michael o'leary came out today and give a cute little quote about how they always put their hands up and do the right thing.
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they have done that, about three days later, which is too little too late to an extent. they also do need to do more about telling people about compensation, when you get it, when you are due at and four ryanair at the moment, people are very upset and it has affected their share price. they are losing a lot of goodwill and they need to be upfront with passengers and let them know when the cancellations are, contact them and tell them about compensation as well. this is an air like that over the last few years has tried to improve its image, tried to change things, stop charging you for an extra bit of luggage or what ever. this has said all that back. i would imagine so. i don't know about you but if i was planning to book a flight in the next couple of weeks over the next couple of months, i would be having seven “— couple of months, i would be having seven —— second thoughts about ryanair. you cannot let people purchase tickets and then say, we messed up the holiday, we are not going to be able to get you there.
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it is not just going to be able to get you there. it is notjust distressing, it is hugely costly, people will be out of pocket for the hotels they have booked, the car rental i have booked. for many people, their holidays ruined. you mention michael o'leary at the news conference today, at least they said they would publish the full list of all the cancelled flights. very good of them to let people know three days after the ashley came up with it. it is ha rd to the ashley came up with it. it is hard to believe it has taken three days, an airlike hard to believe it has taken three days, an air like the size of ryanairand days, an air like the size of ryanair and the days, an air like the size of ryanairand the number of days, an air like the size of ryanair and the number of staff they have working there, when they realise they have this problem, they could not tell everyone affected and at least give people the best chance possible to make those rearrangements, to give them an opportunity to keep their holiday on track while we welcome the fact he has published the full list this evening, it really should have happen straightaway. we believe it there. thank you forjoining us. now time for a look at all the weather.
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some quieter drier weather on the way for us tomorrow. we still have a bit of rain to go through this evening, this area of cloud, outbreaks of rain affected parts of england and wales pushing south, most of our clearing away, south—east england, not long after midnight, behind that variable cloud and clear spells, one or two mist and clear spells, one or two mist and fog patches, especially parts of northern ireland and scotland hitting close to freezing. once the mist and fog clears away on tuesday morning, a fine day follows, maybe not an isolated shower but the vast majority staying dry with a ridge of high pressure across the uk, where it starts on, patchy cloud building, where you start cloudy, more sunshine will come through and it will feel pleasant with temperatures inafew will feel pleasant with temperatures in a few spots reaching into the upper teens. slightly different picture on wednesday, i do feel with south—westerly winds developing, to the north and west of the uk, the east of thing and stay mainly dry.
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—— the east of england. you're watching beyond 100 days. donald trump is no fan of the united nations. he says bureaucracy and mismanagement are holding it back — and it's time for reform. for a man who wants to put america first, paying $8 billion a year to the united nations is a questionable investment. we must ensure that no—one and no member state shoulders a disproportionate share of the burden. president trump spoke to the chinese leader today about north korea — as the white house once again threatened military action against pyongyang. meanwhile boris johnson meets donald trump for the first time — and he tells the bbc he isn't trying to undermine the prime minister on brexit. as the
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